Cyazofamid. with its novel mode of action, is highly effective against Oomycetes diseases. Cyazofamid also has good persistence and offers excellent rainfastness ln many crops at low dose rates. 

Cyazofamid has no negative impact on beneficial insects and mites, and thus, it will be surely added to integrated pest management programs. 

Cyazofamid has good toxicological, environmental and ecotoxicological profiles.

Cyazofamid Mode of Action

Cyazofamid has proven to kill Oomycetes fungi by respiratory inhibition specifically at Complex III in the mitochondria of Oomycetes fungi. Cyazofamld inhibits Oi (ubiquinone­ reducting sites) of Complex III of the said fungi, which has not been so far reported for other fugicide.

Cyazofamid Characteristics

  • Very active against Oomycetes fungi. especially Phytophthora, Pseudopernospora, Plasmopara, Pythlum, Albugo and S/emia.
  • It inhibits all stages in fungus life cycle (in vitro).
  • Low fungi application rate: 80-100 g a.i./ha or 50- 100 ppm conc.
  • Effective on fungi resistant to other chemical classes
  • Strong rainfastness
  • No phytotoxicity concerns
  • No adverse effects on yeast or microbial activity of fermentation system
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Segway Fungicide 39.2 Oz.

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Active Ingredient: Cyazofamid 34.5%