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Azatin O Biological Insecticide, OMRI Listed

Azatin O Biological Insecticide is a newly-formulated biological insect growth regulator (IGR) used to control the larval stage of a broad-spectrum of greenhouse and nursery pests. Azatin O is OMRI listed (Organic Materials Resource Institute), is soft on beneficials, and carries a 4-hour REI.

Active Ingredient: Azadirachtin 4.5%


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Decathlon 20 WP Greenhouse & Nursery Insecticide

Decathlon 20 WP Greenhouse & Nursery Insecticide is effective for broad spectrum control of crawling and flying insect pests on ornamental and nursery stock. Decathlon 20 WP will not stain or cause damage to any painted or varnished household surface, plastic, fabric or other surface where water applied alone causes no damage.

Active Ingredient: Cyfluthrin 20.0%


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Floramite SC Miticide

Floramite SC Miticide controls mite pests on plants in greenhouse, shadehouses, nursery, field, landscape and Interiorscapes.

Active Ingredient: Bifenazate 22.6%

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Judo Spiromesifen Miticide Insecticide

Judo Miticide Insecticide in a new chemical class (tetronic acids) with a new mode of action that is highly effective against a wide range of mites and whiteflies.

Active Ingredient: Spiromesifen 45.2%

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Kontos Miticide Insecticide 250 ml

Kontos Miticide Insecticide is a systemic insecticide that is both xylem and phloem active. The systemic activity moves upward and downward in treated plants.

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Shuttle O Miticide 16 oz

Shuttle O Miticide offers rapid knockdown, reduced risk classification, activity on all life stages, long residual control, and a unique mode of action.

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Sirocco Miticide Insecticide 8 fl. oz.

Sirocco is a unique combination of two insecticides and miticide compounds that provide quick knockdown and residual activity on mites, thrips and other pests.

Active Ingredient: Bifenazate 43.3% Abamectin 2.2%

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Triact 70 Fungicide Insecticide Miticide OMRI Listed 2½, 2.5 Gal.

Triact 70 Fungicide Insecticide Miticide (clarified hydrophobic extract of Neem oil) is a broad-spectrum fungicide, miticide and insecticide that is OMRI Listed.

Active Ingredient: Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil 70%

Signal Word - Caution

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Triathlon BA Biological Fungicide Bactericide, Organic

Triathlon BA Biological Fungicide, the next generation preventative biofungicide labeled for both organic and non-organic production. Triathlon BA Biological Fungicide controls a wide variety of fungal and bacterial diseases on ornamentals, fruits, vegetables, and herbs and spices.

Active Ingredient: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747 98.85%


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