Overture 35 WP Pyridalyl Insecticide 1 lb.

Overture 35 WP Pyridalyl Insecticide is a new generation product that controls thrips with a new mode of action for resistance management.

Active Ingredient: Pyridalyl

Signal Word - Caution

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Overture 35 WP kills thrips. The unique mode of action fights resistance and controls thrips at all life stages—including tough western flower thrips—while also controlling lepidopterous insects. Overture Insecticide is a great rotation partner for your greenhouse, and it’s safe on most beneficial insects, too.

Overture 35 WP works preventively or curatively by killing all stages of thrips. And, Overture also controls the larvae of various lepidopterous insect pests. Overture can be used on greenhouse-grown ornamentals including flowering & foliage crops, ground covers, shrubs & ornamental trees and non-bearing fruit & nut trees grown indoors.


  • Consistent, effective control of thrips, including Western flower thrips
  • Novel MOA for resistance management = excellent rotation partner
  • Soft on beneficial insects
  • Controls defoliating larvae of various lepidopterous insect pests
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