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Akari 5 SC Miticide Insecticide 32 oz

Akari 5SC Miticide Insecticide unique "stop-feeding action" not only stops further damage to your plants but also halts the laying of eggs.

Active Ingredient: Fenpyroximate 5%



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Avid 0.15 EC Miticide Insecticide

Avid 0.15 EC Miticide Insecticide, Unsurpassed protection against mites and leafminers.

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Biomite Miticide, OMRI Listed

Biomite Organic Miticide is a minimum risk biochemical miticide that controls mites using a novel mode of action which inhibits the development of resistance.

Active Ingredients:Geraniol 0.417%, Citronellol 0.417%, Nerolidol 0.417%, Farnesol 0.167%


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Ecotec Broad Spectrum Insecticide Miticide, OMRI Listed

Ecotec Broad Spectrum Insecticide Miticide is a unique insecticide/miticide with two modes of action. Research has shown that the patented combination of essential oils in Ecotec block octopamine neuroreceptors in insects and mites, and also provide a temporary covering to the pest’s outer membrane leading to a smothering effect.

Active Ingredients: Rosemary Oil 10.0%, Peppermint Oil 2.0%


Floramite SC Miticide

Floramite SC Miticide controls mite pests on plants in greenhouse, shadehouses, nursery, field, landscape and Interiorscapes.

Active Ingredient: Bifenazate 22.6%

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Forbid 4F Spiromesifen Miticide Ovicide Insecticide

Forbid 4F Miticide Insecticide offers knockdown and residual control of mites and whiteflies.

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Grandevo PTO Bioinsecticide Miticide OMRI Listed

Grandevo PTO Bioinsecticide Miticide controls a broad spectrum of chewing and sucking insects and mites … but is easy on beneficials. Combining high performance with operational flexibility, Grandevo bio-based products are paving the way for new, innovative uses of microbial insecticides.

Active Ingredient: Chromobacterium subtsugae strain PRAA4-1T and spent fermentation media 30%

Signal Word - Caution

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Hexygon DF Miticide Ovicide Insecticide 6 oz

Hexygon DF Miticide Ovicide Insecticide is a proven long lasting miticide, providing up to 60 days control.

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Judo Spiromesifen Miticide Insecticide

Judo Miticide Insecticide in a new chemical class (tetronic acids) with a new mode of action that is highly effective against a wide range of mites and whiteflies.

Active Ingredient: Spiromesifen 45.2%

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Kontos Miticide Insecticide 250 ml

Kontos Miticide Insecticide is a systemic insecticide that is both xylem and phloem active. The systemic activity moves upward and downward in treated plants.

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Mavrik Aquaflow AF Miticide Insecticide

Mavrik Aquaflow AF Insecticide/Miticide controls insects and mites on indoor and outdoor ornamental plantings including plantscapes, turf, trees, shrubs, and flower and foliage cuttings. Mavrik is a good general tank-mix partner. Restricted use pesticide in NY. License required for purchase. Sold by the quart.

Active Ingredient: Tau-fluvalinate 22.3%

Signal Word - Caution

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Ovation SC Miticide Insecticide 16 oz

Ovation SC Miticide Insecticide Excellent for Ornamental Plants in Greenhouses, Containers, and Nursery Stock.

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Pylon Miticide Insecticide

Pylon Miticide Insecticide, with the active ingredient chlorfenapyr, is a cost-effective, broad-spectrum product that provides exceptional control of key greenhouse pests.

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Shuttle O Miticide 16 oz

Shuttle O Miticide offers rapid knockdown, reduced risk classification, activity on all life stages, long residual control, and a unique mode of action.

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Sirocco Miticide Insecticide 8 fl. oz.

Sirocco is a unique combination of two insecticides and miticide compounds that provide quick knockdown and residual activity on mites, thrips and other pests.

Active Ingredient: Bifenazate 43.3% Abamectin 2.2%

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TetraSan 5WDG Miticide 1 lb

TetraSan 5WDG Miticide controls spider mites on the underside of leaves, even when it's difficult to get good under-leaf spray coverage.

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